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Baby Breaks the Crib

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Throughout my years working with dreams, there is not a woman I know who has not had a "baby" dream.  And it's no wonder, during this intense time of awakening to our full potential, our dreams are guiding us to create.  

"The birth of a baby symbolizes the birth of a new creative idea."  From dream guide Rosalynne Clements Analyzing Your Dreams Dictionary.  This is my dream dictionary of choice, it is the one I most often turn to for insight. There are of course associations one may have to this baby - circumstance of the dream, gender, age, etc. All things to be considered while working with a baby dream. 

I recently had a dream with babies and tigers! If you're having dreams with animals as well, the dreams are really trying to get your attention.  Animal energies, totems, spirit animals coming to you in your dreams, I believe are a sign you are tapped into the spirit world around you.  Listening to animal medicine can teach us so much about our true nature, instincts and where the energy wants to go. I dream of animals often, so Ted Andrews "Animal Speak" is my number one bedside table book.  His insight will help me unpack this short but fully loaded dream I had.


Dream Aug 19, 2017: "Baby Breaks Crib"

I'm watching all these children. 3. Two young girls and the baby boy (looks like the boy I watch). The girl keeps wanting to be up. It's like 3am and she gets up and so does her lil sister and the boy wakes up too but I leave him in his crib. I'm trying to clean up and get them back into bed. I say "you have each other to sleep with, now it's time to go back to bed!" I sort of chase then back into her room- she's really not listening and says back something like "I can be up!" As we head back in there - they're in before me...I see a tiger. Oh fuck, a tiger has gotten in and another one- a cub? Oh no, the little girls will totally get eaten. I run in and kind of yell. The older girl comes out- I have to get the younger one. I'm waving for her. (They seem 4 years old. Maybe 4 and 2 but mature for their age).

The baby broke his crib. The mattress is on the floor- wood bars.


I start with the baby and the children.  CHILDREN represent a whole new life ahead of me, a new start.  I love kids so they also symbolize joy and innocence, and truth for me.  These girls are me, the divine self and the baby is a new creative endeavor.  Their ages also inform me on when the creative idea may have started.  Many things have changed in the last ten months to four years, but what resonates for me, is the connection between how my dream work was developing throughout this time.  I began studying Jung's Redbook four years ago, two years ago I entered an MFA program where I created Dream Crafting and ten months ago I was preparing to leave San Francisco and beginning my move to New Orleans.  I could see none of this until now, when I dream of the baby breaking the crib.  I have outgrown the old relationship to my dreamwork into something more beautiful and nurturing - which, the tigers presence represent. This somewhat abandoned child, the part of myself I have been learning to love is miraculous and has expanded to break the container, the space in which he sleeps soundly.  Consciousness has broken through. Dream crafting is the creative idea, which I was writing in my thesis ten months ago.

It all clicked when I read more into the tiger - there is a mother and a cub.  For me the cub represents a new way of being through tiger energy. The tiger represents "passion, power, devotion, and sensuality.  They have a mystical quality...they display great motherly devotion with their offspring." (Andrews, p318)  The mother is here protecting her cub and I am here protecting the children - all of the creation within me.  This is a sweet double image for me, seeing the tigress as a reflection of me, also in the bedroom, where we sleep, dreamthe unconscious becomes conscious.  I see the bedroom as my sanctuary.

FEAR in dreams is often the EGO's fear.  The tiger is here as a helper and a gift.  My dream ego is frightened of course, but the tiger is not there to harm me or the children. She is here as a symbol that "new adventures, renewed devotion and passion for life are expected to begin within 6-8 weeks and last for a year and a half." (Andrews, p319).  I had this dream eight weeks ago and I am now in the thick of my new adventures with Dream Crafting!


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