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The Well Within

Angela Grillo

Dream June 18, 2017: The Well Within

A woman in a well. She's below. Underground. Its wet, rocky down there. She's calling up. People are throwing business cards at her.

Looking through the food I have deciding what if anything to bring to a special man. There's a huge cut of manchego I forgot about and some stone crackers down - I have - on the bottom shelf. For some reason I don't want to bring it.

In this restaurant/bart my friend has just been to - a fancy lobster roll restaurant his dad took him too. He says how great it was, we're DTLA. I've never heard of it before. New restaurants everywhere. Really want to go to all these places but have to keep it affordable. I ask his dad where the lobster place is - he says "Doheny" Beverly Hills! How is my friend supposed to know I guess? That is a long drive to a completely different neighborhood. 


I woke up thinking about this site and the dreamwork I wanted to be doing.  Creating my work to serve and make a living.  I thought about this woman, a part of myself, underground.  What is she feeling?  Deep underground, her root chakra - she feels abandonment, instability, and the need to survive.  She is being thrown business cards - it felt like they want to work with her.  She feels stuck down there and unable to do anything with the business cards (the work).  She needs to be set free to help those who are wanting the work - the deep work from the well, the soul, the source that gives her life.

Then I wrote a poem and drew an image and realized from this last segment:

     She is the well

     for which we are asking

     to drink and to feel

     to know - 

     to know our own well within.


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