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18 Days to Dream: Dreamcrafting Rituals, Curiosities & Creativities

Angela Grillo
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18 Days to Dream is an E-Course offering, which includes nightly and daily rituals of Dreamcrafting practices and curiosities for 18 days.

(You will receive these via email.)

The intention set forth is to develop a sacred ritual and begin remembering your dreams through Embodiment practices in 18 days or less.

You will be given the tools to connect to the power of your dreams through meditation, visualization, video and Dreamcrafting curiosities. 

Rituals and Curiosities included in this email series are exercises, meditations and prompts from Dreamcrafting courses in development:

Remembering Your Dreams & Developing a Sacred Ritual for Dreaming.

By signing up for this series, you will also receive:

Free access to our private Facebook group where I will be available for individual and collective feedback.

Opportunity to sign-up for exclusive Dream Groups

Expanded Dream Tips

In-development Dream Dictionary

Access to Dream Cards