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Enrich your life through sacred, creative, integrative dream practices.

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Your dreams hold the mysteries of the unconscious. Dreams are a well of untapped energy and expressive power. This creative making method uses dreams as the main source of inspiration, insight and intuition.  

By tapping into the unconscious through various forms of dream work, we explore and create with intention and purpose. Through embodiment, play and imagination, you will discover what craft of yours is waiting to be expressed

Working with the dream is specific to each individual.  A combination of methods with my guidance will include Jungian interpretation, Marion Woodman's theory of feminine consciousness, Richard Bosnak's the Embodied Imagination, and Susan Ackerman Joseph’s A Wanderer’s Way, somatic resonance techniques.

Dreamcrafting can be experienced individually or collectively. Online or in person.       

Dreamcrafting is located wherever you are at!

Remote sessions, online dream groups and courses, workshop locations vary. In person sessions can be held throughout Louisiana - New Orleans, New Roads, Rougon, Baton Rouge and Lafayette.


Dream Reading

Through the dream, the soul speaks. Dream reading will teach you how to become fluent in the language of dreams.

Reading your dreams can take you on a transformative personal journey to awakening and understanding. Taking the step to work with them, ie. recollecting, journaling, and associating can open doors to awareness, understanding, compassion and healing.  

Your dreams will give you the guidance and tools you need to feel supported in your daily life.

Dream Readings can be experienced online by audio or video (30 min or 60 min).

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Dream Group

Collective dreaming can have a profound impact on our relationships to one another and to the world around us. Through the exploration of seeing a dream from another's perspective, we are able to sense differently, discover new archetypes and discuss how we are radically shifting our consciousness by deepening our understanding of our dreams.

By sharing the dream through If It Were My Dream… technique, we create a delicate and transformative space for our relationships to thrive and promote collective healing.

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